About Us

NonviolenceWorks is a nonprofit organization currently affiliated with SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church located at 12433 S. Halsted St.  The focus of this organization is violence prevention in our homes, neighborhoods, and wider community.  NonviolenceWorks offers education and training in character development and nonviolence.  The organization was formed in July, 2016 by Phillip Bradley, the principal trainer and violence prevention specialist, Elfriede Wedam, a faculty member at Loyola University Chicago and Larry Campbell, chair of the Parish Pastoral Council of SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church.

Our Team

Phillip Bradley, president

Having devoted his life's work to the study and practice of nonviolence, Phillip is well-known in many Chicago communities for his perseverance and presence.  As a community organizer and violence prevention specialist, Phillip has offered education and training in character development and nonviolence in schools, churches, and juvenile detention facilities.

Elfriede Wedam, vice president

Elfriede has been teaching in the Sociology department of Loyola University for ten years, specializing in sociology of religion, community, race relations, and violence.  She is the co-author of a recently published book, Religion and Community in the New Urban America.

Larry Campbell, treasurer

Larry is the chair of the Pastoral Council of SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church in West Pullman.  Now retired, Larry's business career spanned for-profit and nonprofit companies.  Larry has been dedicated to the pursuit of peace through the practice of his Catholic faith all his life.

Debra (Scarlett) Parks, secretary

To be added

Anjelica Pickett, intern

Anjel moved to the New York City area after graduating from Loyola University Chicago in December 2017 to pursue her career in photo journalism.  Anjel was part of NonviolenceWorks from the beginning, shooting video, taking photos, and creating our social media pages.  We would rather she was still with us but wish her much good fortune in the Big Apple.